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Greek Language & Culture Class

December 14th, will be the last adult language and  dance class of the quarter.
Thursday adult language classes and adult dance classes will resume on January 11th, 2018 at regular times. Happy Holidays!


Our Greek language and culture classes use arts and crafts, music, dance, theatre, poetry, and storytime to familiarize students with Greek traditions and culture. Students are grouped in age groups from 3 years to adult.

The mission of the classes is to

  • Provide friendly Greek language classes
  • Cultivate the desire to learn about Greek culture
  • Capture the wonders of Greek history
  • Offer a contemporary perspective on Greek culture
  • Through differentiated instruction, address the pedagogical needs of students, teach Greek as a second language, and help native Greek speakers practice their first language

Children’s Classes

For children ages 3 to 14
Classes for ages 3 to 7 are held Saturday morning, from 10AM – 12PM
Classes for children in Pre-K through High School are held Saturday afternoon, from 1PM – 4PM
Students learn the Greek language through early vocabulary and easy reader words through syntax and grammar. Students develop a sense of Greek culture and an understanding of Greek history through crafts and activities and interactions with text and folk music.
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Jr. and Sr. Dance Classes
For children in grades 3 and up
Saturday afternoons during 1PM – 4PM class time for 30 minutes


Adult Classes
Beginner through Intermediate level
Intermediate is held Thursday afternoon, from 5:30PM – 6:45PM
Beginner is held Thursday afternoon, from 6:45PM – 8:00PM
In adult classes, students age 15 and up explore modern Greek at an intermediate to advanced level by utilizing modern Greek text and conversing in modern Greek. Classroom interaction and discussion are an integral part of this course. Classes emphasize literacy, speech, history, and philosophy.
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The classes employ methods of teaching and learning that are focused on association, thereby promoting long-term learning. A portion of each class session is dedicated to conversation, allowing students the time to create thoughts and sentences of their own. This practice allows students to develop self-confidence, while using the Greek language for communication. The classes utilize poetry, drama, music, movement, dance, and the visual arts to deepen students’ understanding of language and culture. In language instruction, at the beginner’s level, the classes focus on vocabulary acquisition and literacy. At the intermediate and advanced levels, they include explicit grammar instruction, and work on improving writing and speaking skills.

Largely affiliated with the University of Chicago, our faculty members have backgrounds in linguistics, language teaching, and the exact sciences. They provide a contemporary and fresh approach to teaching language. Faculty members include people from different backgrounds.


Download the 2017-18 GLP school calendar
Download the 2017-18 Adult Greek Language calendar


For more information, contact

Dimitra Georgouses, Education and Public Programs Manager
(312) 655-1234, ext. 29